Jeff Minard


Hiya! My name is Jeff Minard and I have been developing web sites since 1996 when I started a little journal site via my web hosting job. Since then things have gotten a little better ;-)

I currently work in San Francisco where I’m diligently applying my B.S. in Multimedia & Web Design from the The Art Institute of California - San Francisco to my job at Credit Karma. My personal focus is on server side programming, release process, automation, scaling, and standards based web site design.

I am most proficient with PHP and MySQL, but programming is more about understanding the logic of process than the specific language you create it with. I dabble in NodeJS, Ruby, Python, and even a little bit of C.

I utilize and advocate web standards like CSS and HTML as because I believe that they make my life, and the clients life, easier and less expensive. Additionally, modern web standards help ensure your website is viewable on the plethora of appliances used to browse these days – from full desktop machines to tablets and even cellphones.

- Jeff Minard